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Samsung Electronics Canada

Curved UHD TV retail display backwalls and endcaps for Samsung Electronics Canada.




Design, Build, Install, Asset Management, Retail Security



When Samsung Electronics Canada introduced their line of curved UHD TVs to the Canadian market, they needed a retail display that would help to announce the product and educate consumers about its benefits. These televisions are supported with proprietary technology that create an accurate picture with exceptional color, without any picture distortion. It has a dramatically improved field of view that creates a panoramic effect and helps the picture feel bigger.

Holman worked with the Samsung team to create the retail display units in a way that would accentuate these benefits in order to quickly capture the attention of shoppers. Holman worked to design the wall displays that were installed in 72 Best Buy locations across Canada. The units feature a curved shelf that complements the curve of the television. Each display incorporates premium mirrored finishes as well as LED lighting under the header and the shelf to draw focus to the television. The mirrored finish used in the header also helps to make the display stand out amongst the competition. Endcap units were also installed in Best Buy locations to ensure that customers were exposed to the new products as they walked through the store aisles.

Holman was responsible for the design, prototyping, production, installation and servicing of all of the Samsung UHD TV retail displays installed across Canada.

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