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Samsung Electronics Canada

Custom endcaps with usage metrics installed in Best Buy & Future Shop locations.


Interactives, Retail


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Holman was asked to design and manufacture interactive endcap camera display for Samsung devices that would educate customers on the functionality of the devices.

Holman designed and fabricated custom endcaps that were placed in Best Buy and Future Shop locations nationwide. Together with Samsung, Holman was able to achieve an industry first in terms of security and IT support. We were able to secure permission from Best Buy and Future Shop stores to establish a Samsung Access Point within each of their stores.
More than 400 endcaps and vignettes now report back to the Holman monitoring server at one minute intervals. The system also allows us to update content remotely and disseminate information to all displays across the country quickly—this has reduced travel time and resources for FMRs and third party vendors.

The metrics for product popularity are tracked (i.e. usage, time of day, week, month, etc.) based on demo buttons pressed or posts lifted. We create custom reports based on this, and funnel valuable information back to Samsung. Holman IT staff are also regularly monitoring uptime and system health and proactively troubleshooting any issues. As a result, the display uptime has been significantly higher than that of any other competitor’s displays.

The result has been a unique experience that is well received by customers and retailers alike.

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