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Holman worked with 3rd Uncle Design to bring to life the interactive Kids Gallery space at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).




Build, Install



The area was designed to engage children in various play activities including drawing, reading, and performing. The space incorporates many small storage compartments, both open and hidden, in order to encourage children to explore the space and the various activities it has to offer.

The desk was made to be low to the ground and includes a removable section to allow for wheelchair accessibility. The table at the centre of the play station is retractable, so that the station surface can be turned into a performance platform, where children can put on plays using the props and costumes available in the next room. The bookshelf behind the desk also incorporated a small reading nook for children to relax and curl up with their favorite books.

All of the surfaces and finishes selected for the area were chosen with durability, safety and ease of use in mind. The desk is made using a vinyl finish in order to ensure that any crayon markings can be easily removed. The desk and shelving are reinforced in order to ensure that the space is safe for children to play in.

The Kids Gallery has become a fun and interactive place where children can have fun with their peers and parents, alike.

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