Holman is a strong believer that the biggest form of receiving is ‘giving back’. This pay-it-forward mentality is something that all Holman employees from management to support staff truly embody. We guarantee, when walking the grounds of our facility or working with our teams at sites, the Holman staff is always friendly, dependable and ready to work with you. Being a successful business for over 50 years comes with its responsibilities that go beyond the boardroom or our clients projects. Holman will annually be supporting certain charities that match our company mandate and vision.


Holman has made a pledge to Habitat for Humanity in the Greater Toronto Area to do something where our contributions will have a lasting impact in the lives of deserved families. With the generous staff of Habitat for Humanity partnered with Holman’s team of volunteers, we set out to build homes around GTA for families that are in need of simple, decent and affordable homes. By physically getting the Holman team out there and being part of the grander process cultivates a fun and interactive way for our employees to give back! Surely, some of our staff is well trained with building codes and some are even highly skilled tradesmen however, this activity moves our corporate members out of their offices into construction sites that are making incredible impacts on peoples lives.

Holman is honoured and blessed to work with Habitat for Humanity with whom not only do we share this fantastic partnership but also a deeper vision and long term goals in giving back not only internally in our business but making a difference on the larger scheme of things – thank you Habitat for Humanity!

JDRF’s research is committed to improving the lives of every person with T1D and to curing this disease.  Their goals are realized by the projects being supported in three basic areas: Cure, Treat, Prevent.  T1D does not affect children only but adults as well. Holman is a proud supporter of JDRF’s initiatives and humbled to be in any way a part of the journey to eliminate T1D. With their several programs to get involved, endless events and volunteer opportunities- supporting JDRF is the right thing to do. To learn about how to get involved http://www.jdrf.ca/get-involved/join-us